I awakened this morning with the words ‘detail-structure-order-Kingdom-blessing-favor-glory,’ all running through my head in precisely that order. Again, the words in sequential order: “detail-structure-order-Kingdom-blessing-favor-glory.” Having just gone through one of the most advanced Kingdom lessons of my life, through the trials that only fierce opposition can bring, I gleaned some bountiful Kingdom truth (Acts 14:22). First and foremost, “the law is for the lawless.” Simply stated, there are laws that men govern men by, as well as laws that God governs men by. Those of us who have escaped the rigors of religious law, coming into the vastness of spiritual life, are the first to state that the law is for the lawless, often not realizing this statement (also) applies to us. Those filled with smug spiritual pride will no doubt scoff at the thought that they may be lawless in certain areas of life. God’s never changing Kingdom law is for the lawless, and every kingdom, even those of man, contain laws that must be obeyed to remain functional in society. How is it that the Kingdom of God would not also have laws? Most certainly God’s Kingdom does! To walk in the Kingdom upon earth, God’s laws of the Kingdom must be addressed. Christ fulfilled the law that we simply adhere to what is already in us.

We are aware that the law of gravity brings us to the ground if we fall from a high place; that we gain excessive weight if we violate basic eating habits and do not exercise – these are basic human laws that we try to adhere to, and aware of the dire circumstances if we don’t! Spiritual laws, on the other hand, (already written upon our hearts) are often ignored with great consequence.

Christians can often be some of the most dysfunctional of people on earth, yet in our own spiritual pride fail to understand that spheres of dysfunctional are neither the devil, nor other people, but rather our own disobedience to God’s laws of the Kingdom. The great reward for those who have found God’s grace for the courage and transparency necessary to recognize and deal with spheres of dysfunction, is the further grace in finding (His) solutions to the dysfunction. This takes willingness and obedience. God’s uses our spheres of dysfunction to appoint us to His details (about us) that must be addressed.’ As we focus on those details (about us), God will reveal specifics (about us) that must be addressed; and as we do, peace, righteousness, and joy flood us. Only those ready and desirous of change, filled with courage and transparency will find the peace, righteousness, and joy of the Holy Spirit. Brokenness brings the humility that releases the grace that allows us to walk through this process. No brokenness – no victory! All of us must pray to stay broken.

On Thursday morning, October 27th, 2011 the Lord clearly said, “Accept my providential hand to correct and bring order (my government, order, Kingdom) to all aspects of your life. Your death in given appointed situations will produce my life and order, which brings my peace to you. A major turnaround has begun for you, as you will begin to experience and feel the difference. Continue to experience and yield to my hand, by staying broken and yielded to the circumstances in your life.”

As a matter of information, and for purposes of testimony let me share that my penchant for detail and planning have gone lacking. I have often preferred the general approach to any task, unwilling to focus on details. This ‘penchant’ has bitten me many times over the years, yet I continued to follow this blind path. I preferred the lawlessness of flying by the seat of my pants (and hoping), calling it faith, which is really presumption, and repeatedly learning the old adage “the devil is in the details.” It is important to mention here that often God sends me out by faith, in which there are few if any details, but once the direction is clear, as with Jeremiah, the details will come in very specific accord with God’s direction. I simply have not had the discipline to stop and listen, though often I thought I did.

What is clear to me now is ‘how something is structured’ will either curse or bless you, as the government of God is His structure, hierarchy, position, and placement that produces His order in each and every compartment of our lives, individually and corporately. Every aspect of our lives has a God appointed governmental order to it: adherence (to that order) produces life – failure (to do so) produces death. Within the confines of God’s order are a myriad of details, such that each (detail) has a place and specific function in creating God’s order (in our lives). If even one of these details is overlooked, the structure is imbalanced, weak, and subject to breakdown and failure. Each tiny fragment must be sought, found, and placed into its proper setting sequentially and functionally, such that the perfect structure bless and not curse its own purpose. Solomon was instructed with precise detail and his temple was physical; our temple (template), and how we are structured, is even more important to God!

The law is for the lawless, and every area of dysfunction is a revelation of a degree of unattended lawlessness in our lives, and likely an area in which responsibility to the details has been sadly overlooked. Dysfunction points to lawlessness, which points to God’s detailed solution. If we are still trapped in the ‘victim mentality’ we will never see true deliverance from dysfunction. I can never control what others do, but I do have God’s law in my heart that controls my reaction to any circumstance. Do I always adhere to God’s law in my heart? NO, and neither do you! Is there a price to pay? Yes, and that price is a level of dysfunction in that specific circumstance. Repeated dysfunction reveals with great certainty God’s desire for our spiritual focus on this matter.

Every day I live I further understand that “the greater always includes the lesser” – obedience to small details takes care of big problems, as it is “the little foxes that eat the vine.” I can never be righteous in Cleveland, if I am called to holy in Dallas – God has a perfect will for my life, and I have a choice to live in it or out of it. The excitement I sense in writing this cannot easily be transcribed in words, but an attempt would go something like this – “Each sphere of appointed detail, when adhered to, contains Holy power that exponentially launches us into another sphere of life upon earth” (John 10:10).

God is building His Holy Kingdom upon earth, using His Holy sons and daughters to do so, as He is replacing the kingdoms of men with the Kingdom of God in all spheres. An accurate alarm to His drawing in our personal and business lives is signaled by the areas in which dysfunction exists. Dysfunction in this context simply means ‘stagnant or regressing in its current state,’ as the Kingdom in God’s dynamic IS ever ‘advancing,’ and in most cases growing exponentially. X marks the spot, and where there is dysfunction there is God’s appointment. And, as stated, levels of dysfunction denote level of priority an issue holds with God, as well as timing and responsibilities of focus God is placing upon us.

Dysfunction is a specific call to DETAIL, as the casual general approach will no longer work. As we cry out to God in our areas of dysfunction, He will respond with a specific requirement to a specific detail, which will be followed by another and another. Eventually, these adhered to details will build a structure that will produce God’s order, favor, blessing, and Kingdom into the dynamic of ‘releasing His Kingdom government’ into that specific situation, which will produce glory to God. Remember, dysfunction is a sign that His detail is needed, and those details will often come in ‘small beginnings,’ which we are to “despise not.” Jeremiah built a wall brick by brick.