I have just returned from Haiti in what, for me was the most difficult and different mission trip of my life. This mission trip, unlike others, was a prophetic experience.

The Haitians are forerunners in dealing with survival and dependency upon God for the most basic of needs. A week after the earthquake, the Prime Minister, not to be confused with the President, led the country in a prayer of repentence for serving other Gods, and crying to God for His mercy and help.

What I saw and experienced was unimaginable as my mind could not match what my eyes were seeing. The rural country side, close to the epicenter of the quake, is destroyed beyond recognition as perhaps Japan looked after the A-bomb took its toll. House after house lay in piles of rubble. Wells and electrical grids destroyed. A way of life, already spartan by our standards, now relagated to the most primitive life imaginable as animals now live in rubble piles (formerly homes), and the people live in tents or makeshift houses of tin or tents. The hardships on the people, especially the children, broke my heart. I find myself weeping even after being home now for several days. Even with the circumstances what they are, the people, especially God’s people remain hopeful and upbeat. Their attitude and spirit shocked me as I knew that Americans facing these hardships would perhaps lack the hearty spirit these Haitians have always had, even before the quake.

As I prayed I kept sensing that America will one day face something like this is if we continue down the same path we seem to now be traveling at light speed. A number of birth pains led up to this quake on January 12th, 2010 with hurricanes and other damaging storms reeking havoc in recent past years. So too are we seeing ‘birth pains’ – signs of sorts in both natural disasters and financial famine. Personally, I think we are headed into some sort of financial freefall that will result in the world’s system falling much the same as the World Trade Center.

The greed of Wall Street seems to have quickly resurfaced as soon as the bail-out was complete, as the nightly news and congressional testimony has revealed that it is business as usual on Wall Street. Banks who received billions in bailout seem to have taken out their good fortune on their customers, as even basic credit has all but stopped. Our government daily seems to rob more and more of the basic freedoms and foundational strengths upon which this country was founded includeing “IN GOD WE TRUST.” The entitlement spirit rapes America every day, as our arrogence and pride consume us. God forgive us!

Is Haiti a true forerunner of what the rest of the world faces? Can we learn from this devastated nation? I think we can and will as many of God’s forerunners are being compelled to visit without often knowing the intent of their visit. Many are returning with prophetic food that they are still chewing. What I saw was an opportunity to establish the Kingdom in the marketplace on the most basic level with the most basic of needs and in the simplist of ways. I was led to a specific village, completely destroyed as the four families (approximately 45 members) had no homes, running water, electricity, etc., just each other and a strong hope in God. They all live in makeshift huts of tin, cardboard, a little wood or tents. No bathroom, place to bath or cook – very basic lifestyle, and a reflection of another time on earth. They all shared the following common denominators – God-centered, community minded, and a desire to find ways to help themselves. This was exactly what I was looking for – the heart of my prophetic dream: the Kingdom upon earth in the marketplace!!!

From God’s instruction, we conducted a series of business meetings under a large bush in which we asked the villagers to pray about businesses they would like to start. We returned for two days, and listened. Upon hearing their request, we agreed to fund eight businesses ranging from buying goats to basic tools for building furniture. We instructed them and their pastor in key scriptural directions for God’s favor and supernatural increase (the Kingdom’s Way). Their hunger in knowing the true ways of God in true Kingdom methods for business surpassed any audience I have ever spoken to in the USA. From this experience, I heard God say “Despise not small beginnings.” Any Kingdom dynamic I have ever been a part of started small and grew exponentially – I believe this will grow and become though we will not know how (in the natural). We instructed them on the parable of the talents, giving as God leads from their increase, etc., Either the Kingdom’s way works or it doesn’t – God is no respector of persons, nor are His Ways – they will bring exponential increase which will provide testimony which will cause others to see the favor of God which will release a form of marketplace evangelism much like the days of Joseph. All who knew Joseph knew he was favored of God and that his God was ‘the God.’

We are excited to be part of a prophetic move of God that goes beyond writing, meeting, internet forums, opinion, and speaking prophetically about what God is going to do: rather to be part of a moving prophetic occurance in which there is participation.

I challenge each of you reading this to pray about joining us in some way – teaching in Haiti, supporting this effort financially as I don’t have the resources to do it all myself, joining us on future mission trips – in a nutshell teaching the Kingdom! This is a living breathng prophetic experience that perhaps prepares forerunners for forerunning. Your flesh will suffer as perhaps it has never suffered. I had to pray constantly to be able to stand not having a bathroom, air conditioning, running water, lights, and the comforts we are all used to having daily. This is not for the faint of heart, and if one is not called to it, DON’T GO THERE!

The sons and daughters of God are manifesting. The true and false prophets are surfacing. The forerunners are now beginning to take their first steps at truly acting in a forerunning capacity beyond simply ‘seeing.’ The thunder from heaven can be heard loudly in the Spirit; awaken to its clap and hear what the Spirit is saying!