Dear List Members,

You are all well aware of the tragedy now taking place in Haiti. So many are still suffering and dying as the need for all types of services are woefully short. For reasons only God knows, I have been put in a position to help with strategic services to areas with logistic challenges. I am working with folks in the private and public sector in coordinating this much needed help.

I saw the power of corporate prayer a year ago when you all prayed and God delivered me from stomach problems that caused years of suffering and required many surgeries. I called out to you corporately, and you prayed and God did a miracle. I am here to make the same request, except this year I ask that you pray for God’s hand in rebuilding this country; and further, that He give me wisdom to do what I find myself doing right now.

The events of the past week are horrible, but what could take place in the next year far exceeds even this catastrophe, as much of the nation’s infrastructure is destroyed. Financial markets, water and sewer systems, government buildings, records, homes, businesses have all been destroyed. The attention this country has lacked for many years is now on this deprived country. Perhaps, from this horror, will come a much needed rebuilding, restructuring, and strengthening, but in the meantime, the needs are great.

As always, thank you deeply for your prayers.


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